The Real Consequences of Secret Actions

computer darkRight now I am within arm’s reach of three devices that have the capability to access the majority of the world’s information. At my fingertips I have the ability to surf the web and learn about practically anything that I want. I can see historical footage of the Hindenburg, find out the genetic sequence of almost any living creature that has ever existed, and even read every conspiracy about Tupac. What a time to be alive! There is nothing that can stop our quest for knowledge in such a technological advanced age.


Except for porn.


As it stands right now, 35% of all downloaded content on the internet will involve porn. That is roughly a third of everything downloaded. The fastest growing online business right now is child pornography, and it increases rates of infidelity by over 300%. 49% of women that are being trafficked have been forced to make films, and child pornography is now a billion dollar industry.


Porn fuels prostitution

Porn fuels sex trafficking

Porn contributes to extra marital affairs

Porn helps drive child sexual exploitation


These facts should enrage us. They illustrate our own selfishness as a race. Rather than recognizing that the women that are being clicked are daughters, mothers, sisters, etc., we have reduced them to nothing more than an object to satisfy our sinful desires. With an estimated 55% of underage girls living on the street involved in some form of sex trafficking, it is important to note that what one does on their computer when they think no one is paying watching has an impact; it is contributing to an industry that enslaves women.


I want you to think of your daughter. No daughter? Then think of your mom or sister. Now imagine that is them on the screen that some guy is fornicating with. How does that make you feel? Because that is exactly how some dad, brother, or son is feeling at this exact moment knowing that the woman in their life is being exploited. Not only are they someone’s daughter, mother, or sister, but they are made in the image of God; daughters of the King, and we lust after them to satisfy our own flesh. That should absolutely terrify us. We are allowing those formed by God in the womb to be subjected to heinous acts just so we can have a few minutes of pleasure. That is the absolute definition of selfishness.


What we do in private has real world consequences. What may seem, and has been perpetrated by our culture to be, harmless has much greater implications than we realize. Every year there are over 800,000 women and children trafficked across international borders, and everyday thousands of young girls and women are forced to engage in sexual acts. These things sound terrible and most of us are inevitably going to ask ourselves what we can do to help end this. The first step to that answer is simple: Don’t look at porn.


In a recent study released by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, it was found that an estimated 1 in 5 pornographic images found online were of an actual child. If  you are like me when I heard this, you immediately think that is impossible. Only true perverts would even think about looking at a child in such a way. It is easy to dismiss these claims as nonsense because we have made concerted efforts in our culture to end child molestation. We have passed legislation such as Jessica’s Law in 42 states. But the facts from the very sites that host this material show a different story. In 2015 Pornhub released their “Year in Review” that showed the top 10 most searched categories. The second most searched term, according to one of the largest adult entertainment sites on the internet, was teen. Yes, the second most searched term on a legitimate adult website was for teens. Now, I understand that such a site takes precautions to prohibit child pornography to be placed on their site it is not always feasible and is indicative of the growing problem that is child porn.


In the last 5 years child porn has grown to be a billion-dollar-a-year industry. There is no shortage of people who desire it. The United States is girl-1507676_960_720ranked as the largest producer of child porn in the world with an estimated 50% of all child porn created here and 62% of all child porn hosted on U.S Servers. The industry has been estimated to be the fastest growing online business. We see these things and somehow try to remove the fact that this stuff exists with what is viewed as “legitimate porn”. You cannot do that. It is simple supply and demand. There is obviously a demand for teen porn. If that were not the case than the second most searched term for adult content would not be what it is.


Our actions go beyond our cellphone, tablet, or computer. Our actions in private extend past our office, and what we do in secret has real-life consequences to a person that was created in the image of God. These are not fantasies that are projected for our pleasure, but women and children who have been/are being exploited for our own selfishness.


Although our secret actions have real world consequences there is a way that we can overcome the daily struggle to seek pleasure by way of porn. The only way that we can overcome this is through Christ and by speaking up. 1 John 2:16 tells us that the lust of the eye comes from the world while John 16:33 tell us that Christ has overcome the world and to take heart.  It will be through the strength of Christ that we will ever be able to overcome this issue, and it will be from the love of Christ that we will start to see those on the screen not as objects for our satisfaction, but as daughters of the King; beautiful creations that were knit together in the womb by a loving Father.


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