Sometimes Obeying God Sucks

I’m gonna be totally transparent here…Sometimes obeying God sucks. Sometimes there are about a bazillion other things that would be more enjoyable in the moment. That is not to say that it is not worth it, but in the moment, it sometimes sucks.

As someone who has spent almost 20 years serving in various ministry positions, I can say these things from a position of experience. There are things that we would like to do in this life that end up opposing what He calls us to. I want to be secure and comfortable in my material wealth. I want to save up money, invest it wisely, live a comfortable life in a nice house, and leave a great financial blessing for my family tree. However, serving in ministry does not necessarily lend itself well to the accumulation of material wealth and earthly comfort.

The reality of it is that sometimes people in ministry make huge sacrifices for the good of the people they are serving. Sometimes we are called to give up our comfort or security for others. God often calls us to sacrifice the things that pull our faith to something other than him. Sometimes it happens in our families, sometimes in our jobs, other times in our ministry and friends.

In Scripture we see Abraham called to sacrifice his son, and only in the waning moments is he offered something as an alternative. We see Jonah called to go somewhere he hates, and when he rebels his situation becomes terrible until he submits and honors God’s call. In both situations God used these actions to grow the Kingdom, reach new people, and bring them closer to Him.

So yes, sometimes obeying God sucks, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it costs us dearly. But in the words of Peter, “Christ holds the keys to eternal life, where else is there to go?”



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