The DUDERONOMY Desktop Background Series! – Background 2 and 3

We wanted to make something that you could all use that would daily remind you of what we are meant to be while also spreading the word about DUDEronomy. In that vein, we will start creating and sharing Desktop Backgrounds that you will be able to download and use on your computer. We will be using some of our more popular shared images as starting points and will post them on our site so you can get them in full resolution as Facebook tends to compress and distort images.


To save these to your computer all you need to do is right click on them, click on Save Image As in the drop down menu, and choose where to save it on your computer. Then go to your computer, navigate to the folder you saved it in, right click on the image again, and click Set as Desktop Background. That’s it! Now you can enjoy the epic DUDE logo and DUDE messages anytime.

Here are a couple of double wide HD backgrounds for those with dual monitor setups.

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