A Bucket List for a Man Adrift


I have been working on this more recently because, frankly, my life has felt so adrift lately. It has lacked the focus and direction I always seemed to have in my younger years. I understand that it is often in the waiting that we grow the most. I have studied the scriptures and have seen that for virtually every man of God, there was a time of waiting and preparation before their significant ministry began. David, John, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Noah, and many more… including Jesus. If all of those giants of the faith had seasons of waiting, why would I think I wouldn’t? Why would I be exempt from a season of waiting and preparation if even Jesus had one prior to his ministry?

I have become content in my time of waiting in recent days and have decided to do everything I can to make a difference in the lives of my family and friends during this period and make as much of an impact on this world as possible.  To that end, I have begun a bucket list of things I want to do and accomplish in this life.


My Bucket List:

1) Stop farting around and write a bucket list

2) Earn my Bachelors Degree

3) Earn my Masters Degree

4) Visit Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Red Sea, Bethlehem, and other historical sites in Holy land

5) See the pyramids in Egypt

6) Take a trip to Hawaii and see a volcano

7) Visit Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and China

8) Take a multi-week cross country RV trip and see the USA and its sights (Yellowstone, Rockies, Grand Canyon, Pacific Coast, et. Al.)

9) Eat at a Bobby Flay Restaurant

10) Eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant

11) Go on a missions Trip to all inhabited continents on Earth at least once (N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia)

12) Adopt a child or a sibling pair

13) Spend a week alone hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail

14) Climb a mountain

15) Become physically fit and healthy

16) Help my wife to achieve her fitness goals and to reinforce a positive body image for her

17) Help my kids to be the best they can be and pursue a career they will love and not let them chase a paycheck

18) Be a husband, father, and man that seeks God’s heart and desires always to follow Him

19) Start a Bible school/college for laypeople, putting  theological education at an attainable level for everyone who wants it

20) Try Scuba diving

21) Become a published author

22) Help build a house for someone (Habitat for Humanity or Fuel Haiti)

23) Work to eradicate hunger and homelessness in my community

24) Talk less and listen more

25) Meet my neighbors and be a witness for Christ in my own neighborhood

26) Create enough margin in my life to spend more time with family and friends

27) Learn how to use chopsticks well and use them to eat in Asian cultures

28) Eliminate all excess debt in my life

29) Own a home

30) Visit Alaska and go hunting and fishing while there

31) Hunt and take down an 8 point buck

32) Hunt with my son and see him take down an 8 point buck

33) Own a boat and spend time on it with my family

34) Visit the white cliffs of Dover

35) Walk on the beach at Normandy

36) Mentor/Disciple a group of men to grow in their spiritual walk

37) Have my own garden and eat from it daily

38) Eat at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in America and Europe

39) Become an excellent Marksman

40) Attend both a Summer and a Winter Olympic Event

41) Invent something and receive a patent for it

42) Be invited to the White House or Congress/Senate for a meeting or to speak on a topic that matters to me

43) Dig wells to provide drinking water in 3rd world country villages

44) Be able to give a $5,000 gift to charity

45) Be able to give a $10,000 gift to charity

46) Be able to give a $20,000 gift to charity

47) Preach a sermon on every continent on earth

48) Share my faith in a Communist nation

49) Share my faith in an Islamic nation

50) Take a spiritual retreat for at least 3 days in solitude each year. Use time for study and prayer

51) Yell “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” standing on the floor of the coliseum like in the movie Gladiator

52) Visit the concentration camps in Germany and Poland (Auschwitz and Dachau specifically)

53) Attend the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Monaco

54) Drive Exotic Cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini,  Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes AMG, BMW M Car)

55) Get my pilot’s license (flying helicopter or plane)

56) Get my Captain’s license (sailing)

57) Learn first aid and CPR

58) Shake hands with a President I respect

59) Design a building or home and then see it actually built

60) Run a 5k

61) Run a 10k

62) Help my wife accomplish everything on her bucket list


I think goals and the pursuit of them are a valuable and important aspect of a healthy man’s physical and mental condition. I challenge everyone reading this to set aside some time in the coming days and write your own list. Post it in the comments section on the DUDEronomy Facebook page or on this post here on the website. What would happen if thousands of men started pursuing tangible goals in this life and working to make much of their faith? Let’s find out.

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