Is that a sunrise…..or a sunset?

I love to sit on a beach in a comfy chair, turn on some relaxing music, sip on a tasty beverage, and watch as the sun slowly melts away on the horizon. There is something therapeutic about it, I think. People on the beach all seem to freeze and finally allow the busyness of life to slide into the background for a few brief moments as they watch a physical manifestation of the completion of another day play out before them. Truly an awesome thing.

The thing of it is… the sun never “goes away”. It doesn’t melt on the horizon like a pat of butter in a hot pan. It merely moves out of our view in a very beautiful way…. and in reality, it didn’t move at all– we did.  The earth rotated on its axis as we hurled around the sun.


What was a beautiful sunset for you that signaled the end of a day is a sunrise somewhere else that is signaling a bright beginning to another day. It is happening simultaneously for you and them. Sometimes we have a hard time realizing that. That something that means one thing to us can mean something different to another person… not because the truth of what is happening has changed… but because our perspective of what is happening is different.


There are a lot of things in life that can be viewed from different perspectives. We need to come to grips with the possibility that a specific truth can be seen and viewed from different perspectives, resulting in different understandings of it. As long as the truth itself remains unchanged what it means to different people can be different. We should always evaluate to ensure the core truth remains, but should not fight over our perceptions of it.


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