This is the home of all of the resources we created ourselves. One of our passions as DUDEs and Christians is Christ’s bride; His Church. So one of the goals of our ministry is to resource her. You’ll be able to come here to find everything we put out to help you in your walk with Christ.

The DUDEs want to publish books and resources on every topic pertaining to our mission. Let’s be real though, we all have families and lives outside of the ministry. There are also already great resources on a lot of the things we talk about. Below are the resources that the DUDEs have approved on the topics listed. When they are available, we will link reviews to each of the products with them. Either way, we will give you a link to buy the resource for yourself. The links are affiliate links, so be sure to buy them after you’ve clicked our button to support the ministry.

Critical Race Theory

Fault Lines

Critical Race Theory has been a hot topic in the headlines lately leaving many wondering what it is. Many within the Church have seen it as a complimentary tool to the Gospel in bringing hope to minorities. Dr. Voddie Baucham lays out exactly what the theory is, how it compares to the Gospel, and just how detrimental it is to Evangelicals.

History of the Bible

The Bible in America

The story of how the Bible has influenced America is profound. It’s shaped our judicial system, our schools, and even how we think! In The Bible in America, Steve Green looks at what Americans think about the Bible, how it has affected our country’s history, and just how important God’s Word really is to us.